Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Notes From Kirtland Site

We learn in science hour through different fun activities like we do posters, projects, and food tastings. We taste tomatoes and other ripe stuff from the garden that we're growing.

Ashley, 5th grade food systems class.

What I like about our science class is that we get to learn new things. We also learn about composting and worms. Another thing that we like about science is that we get to learn about greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect and its a lot of fun. We also get to do a lot of cool projects like food spinners, tastings, and posters for the whole school to see.

Melissa Dominguez, 5th grade food systems class.


Kendal Chavez
FoodCorps Service Member 
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movies, Movies, Movies!

Here are some Videos that different organizations and individuals have made for us.
 Follow these links to Youtube.

This First one shows students at Dragon Farm while they review planting greens under row cover. Thank you ABQ ACHIEVE.

The Second is an interview of SVA and Dragon Farm alumni Josh Foster on his involvement with Dragon Farm. Thank you ABQ ACHIEVE.

The Third Video is an interview with Veronica Apodaca and her involvement with the Youth Food Action Project at the Santa Barbara-Martineztown Community Learning Center Thanks again, ABQ ACHIEVE.

The Fourth Video is compiled by Omar Hamid When he was working on a documentary film for sustainability studies project. It includes some old footage of the Dragon Farm in 2009.

A Fifth Video was shared with us from Michelle Melendez. This one includes not only Dragon Farm but also East Central Ministries who have been a beacon for community and youth development in the international district. 

This Final Video is an interview of Richard Brandt himself as he discusses the beginnings of Dragon Farm. Created by Aurea Cardiel with Youth Building Healthy Communities (YBHC).

A Little Public Relations

Here are Richard Brandt Joel Salatin and Bruce Miln. Richard of course is the founder/director of the Dragon Farm and Youth Food Action Project initiative. Joel Salatin is an innovative farmer running Polyface Farms and has been exhibited in the Film Food Inc. He spends much of the year now lecturing at universities and sustainability groups around the country. Bruce Miln is the director of UNM's sustainability minor program.

They all met at the James A. Little Theater in Santa Fe on Friday, August 26, 2011.

Monday, February 27, 2012

From Kirtland Elementary Site

Ashley Rodriguez, 5th grade---

Garden classes are fun because you get to plant and do fun activities. Sometimes we taste different foods from different states and countries and compare them. We also do projects on plants and our local food system. We get to play with worms and put them in the compost. What I like is that we get to try different fruits and vegetables and learn about planting.


Kendal Chavez
FoodCorps Service Member 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Return to UNM

Classes started today and it was very exciting. In Cultures of the World we opened up saying something interesting about ourselves. I introduced myself and said that something people find interesting about me is my involvement in Dragon Farm and YFAP.

I was equally excited to see that a handful in that very room recognized the name saying things like, "Oh, I think I remember seeing you at the Downtown Growers Market."

Lets follow through 2012 and the grab the chances it brings.

Miguel A. Martinez
Dragon Farm
Assistant Farm Manager

Saturday, December 17, 2011

End of the Year Blurb

September 15, 2011 marked the one year anniversary for the Youth Food Action Project.  The project is supported a USDA Community Food Project Grant.  My colleague Janet Page Reeves and I finished compiling the data in early December and submitted the annual report to the USDA.  Year one was an overwhelming success!  In the original proposal our goal was to serve 70 youth, and we exceeded that by a long shot.  Over 500 youth ranging in ages from five to college level participated in gardening activities in the South Valley, Martineztown, and the International District.

Students from Dragon Farm at South Valley Academy worked with youth in the International District and Martineztown District to support, expand, and create new gardens.  Highland High School now has an edible courtyard in the center of the

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brian Najera 11th Grade SVA Service Learning student

My experience working with Andrew Marcum’s UNM Service Learning students was pretty cool.  We got to work with them creating new ideas, instead of them telling us what we were going to do. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Greetings from Kirtland Gardens!

As we glean the final fruits from the abundance of summer and plant cold-friendly crops to produce in the winter months of our high desert climate, the excitement and involvement of our kids continues to amplify. We’ve had an extremely busy few months expanding, maintaining, and creating new gardens right here on campus! In collaboration with Dragon Farms and the UNM Research Service Learning Program, the garden program at Kirtland has expanded to include an enlarged after-school garden plot and a new 3500 square foot plot dedicated to engaging our kids around topics of food, agriculture, nutrition, and community